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With a simple URL, link to your full-featured database-driven Booking Portal from anywhere in your existing website. Accept quotes, or offer to book a reservation while taking a credit card deposit.

With over 68% of travel-related bookings being done online today* and growing, your customers expect no less than a simple way to book online, from anywhere, using whatever device they want. Using eWebRenter's online RV Booking Portal, your business can satisfy your customer's needs 24/7, 365 days a year. Make money while you sleep, with the deposits in your bank the following morning.

For demonstrative purposes, imagine the bare-bones mock-up below is a page on your current website. Each section describes a different way to interface to the Booking Portal. Your website can mix and match them as desired. Click each button below to see how it works. You may read the documentation for additional details.


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Welcome to UniversalRV!

Go ahead and book one of our RVs.

Company overview: Start by viewing UniversalRV's great locations!

Great when you have multiple locations, and you want to give the user the option to select one within the portal.

Location view: Start by selecting a location to view its offerings!

Perfect for when you have a single location, or you have multiple locations and want the user to select one from your website.

Direct-select RV Class view: Start by selecting an RV Class to view its availability!

For when you have multiple vehicles of the same model/class at a certain location. The Booking Portal calendar considers the availability of all the vehicles in that RV Class and location. (Not to be confused with "class" as in "Class A", "Class B", etc., but the class of vehicle you configure in eWebRenter.) Shortest path to booking!

40' Class A Luxury

This is our largest Class A model, perfect for the larger family/group on the go with all the luxuries at an affordable price. Spacious living area, comfortable beds, and lots of conveniences means you will all have a wonderful travel experience.

View rates and availability

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Direct-select Vehicle view: Start by selecting a particular vehicle to view its availability!

To be used only when you have a single vehicle of a particular model/class. The Booking Portal calendar considers the availability of just this vehicle. Shortest path to booking!

Class C Convenience

This 29' motorhome sleeps 4 adults and 2 children. The 29' motorhome offers an unique split level design that gives you maximum headroom in the living area, while still offering pass-through storage.

View rates and availability

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Non-motorized RV example: Start by selecting a 17' Travel Trailer RV Class

Another example of selecting an RV Class, this time at the Florida location that offers quote requests. Select dates, number of travelers, and get a quote. Simple!

Travel Trailer Fun

This travel trailer is perfect for a family trailer with it's ample sleeping and ultra lite design making this towable with a small SUV. The Queen-size bed allows this unit to sleep up to 4 people. Weighs 2,400 lbs.

Get a Quote

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Embedded example: Same as above, but embedded via an iframe

Note: Due to browser restrictions and 3rd-party cookies, the embedded mode may not offer full functionality, and the above modes directly linking to the Booking Portal are preferred. If embedding is required, then at a minimum, it is the responsibility of your site to ensure the visitor's browser has third-party cookies enabled.

Note: The Booking Portal supports a javascript plug-in that helps to resize the height of the iframe container for better responsiveness. Please review the Booking Portal Webmasters Guide for more details.

Travel Trailer Fun

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