eWebRenter Quick-Quote Plugin Demo

Not ready for the full Booking Portal but want to reduce double-entry? Integrate our convention-based jQuery plugin into your Quote/Contact page, and all relevant form data entered by your customer will be sent asynchronously and seamlessly to your company's eWebRenter database.

Below is a sample form containing the fields recommended for capture into your eWebRenter database to reduce double-entry. Not all fields are required, and you may have additional fields for local processing. The jQuery plugin is very customizable, or you may roll your own. View the documentation.

Want more information about the Quick-Quote plugin? Contact us. Below is for demonstrative purposes only.

Your dealership

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By entering your dealership's data into these fields, you can use this demo to create a quote request that will appear in your eWebRenter dashboard.

Not sure what information to enter? Contact us.

Filling out the form without entering your dealership information will submit the data to the Universal RV Demo database. Contact us to view the results.

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